1. Contact details of the data processor


ABOUT BEAUTY SRL with headquarters in Bucharest, sector 5, Oltina street no. 3, room 1, block 28, staircase 2, floor 2, Ap. 29 registered at the National Office of the Bucharest Trade Register under no. J40 / 7987/2020, unique registration code 39392422.

Working point: Bucharest, sector 5, Oltina street no. 3, room 1, block 28, staircase 2, floor 2, Ap. 29


2. The purpose of processing your personal data


Our purposes, for which we process your personal data are: real, present and legitimate.

www.aboutbeauty.com does not process personal data for secondary purposes that are incompatible with the main purposes for which your personal data is initially collected.

At the same time, we do not process data without:

- Your initial consent

- To have a legitimate interest in this regard

- A legal basis

Before collecting your personal data we inform you:

- The main purpose for which we collect this data

- If we have a secondary goal, that's it.

Before we collect and process your data, we ask for your consent in this regard.

What types of data we collect and process:


2.1. Your email is collected for the following purposes:

- for registering an account in the online store www.aboutbeauty.com

- to send you information about the order you placed (delivery details, lack of stock, etc.)

- to send you information about promotions, campaigns, seasonal offers or other communication of www.aboutbeauty.com.


2.2. Your username - username is collected for:

- registering an account within the site www.aboutbeauty.com, in order to make it easier for you to log in and to facilitate your quick access to the history of orders, invoices, accumulated loyalty points, etc.

* the username is registered only if you give your consent to register a customer account.

2.3. Your name is collected for:

- your identification by the courier when delivering the products

- drawing up the fiscal invoice related to the products that www.aboutbeauty.com sold to you

- communication through newsletter

2.3. The product delivery address is collected for:

- delivery of the products you ordered to your address

- drawing up the fiscal invoice related to the products that www.aboutbeauty.com sold to you

2.4. The legal details of your organization (if any) are collected for:

- your identification by the courier when delivering the products

- drawing up the fiscal invoice related to the products that www.aboutbeauty.com sold to you

2.5. Your phone number is collected for:

- your identification by the courier when delivering the products and facilitating communication with him

- to send you information about the order you placed (delivery details, lack of stock, sms delivery interval, etc.)

2.6. Your ID from strictly necessary cookies is collected for:

- allow you to log in, keep logging in as you navigate to www.aboutbeauty.com

- to send you information regarding the availability of the products that you have added to the cart or have visited and have not ordered

- to make communications for marketing purposes

- to make strategic decisions regarding the development of the range of products and assortments of the online store www.aboutbeauty.com

2.7. www.aboutbeauty.com does not process your bank details. If you choose the card payment option, your card data will be processed by an external payment processor, ……………………………………… .., based on the contract that www.aboutbeauty. com has concluded with this processor and the privacy protocol regarding the processing of personal data.


3. Responsibility for processing your personal data


The processing of your personal data is the responsibility of www.aboutbeauty.com.

We have the following responsibilities

- Determining the purpose for which your data is processed

- Determining how your personal data is processed

- Assuming responsibility for the proper management of personal data you provide us, in accordance with the terms and the GDPR procedure manual.

Within About Beauty SRL there is a person responsible for the protection of personal data, whom you can contact at the following contact details:

Madalina Marinescu, office@aboutbeauty.com, Bucharest, sector 5, Oltina street no. 3, room 1, block 28, staircase 2, floor 2, Ap. 29, working hours 8:30 - 17:30.


4. How we collect your contact details


www.aboutbeauty.com collects personal data directly from you in the following ways:

- electronically, using the web order completion form (checkout)

- by phone, if you place the order by phone

- by email, if you place the order by email

- www.aboutbeauty.com collects only strict personal data, in order to carry out the operational activity

When you provide your personal data, in order to make the purchase within www.aboutbeauty.com, the provision of this data is:

- permitted and voluntary. Personal data is provided freely: name, email, phone, address. The provision of this data is free, with your consent and you may be given the option not to provide it, but without some of this information the ordered products cannot be delivered to you.

- permitted and mandatory. These are data that you are obliged to provide us: billing data. If you are a legal entity, without providing these details you cannot benefit from our products and services.

* The obligatory provision of personal data is a legal requirement, for example in the case of invoices, these documents cannot be issued without having a buyer, at the same time, being impossible, if you do not provide us the data to make a commercial transaction with you.


5. The legal basis for collecting your personal data


www.aboutbeauty.com processes "insensitive" personal data.

The legal basis for the processing of your "insensitive" or ordinary personal data is:

- your consent. Requesting the consent we ask you to process your data justifies the processing of your personal data.

- a contract to which you are a party, in the case of legal entities. As a result of the need to comply with a legal obligation to which we have committed ourselves and we are obliged by law to comply with it.

Your personal data is processed based on interests that are: real, legitimate and present.

The processing of your personal data is necessary in order to fulfill the legitimate interests we pursue.

However, our legitimate interests may be removed from your fundamental interests and rights.

www.aboutbeauty.com adequately protects your rights and freedoms, as well as your interests, based on the GDPR procedure manual.

www.aboutbeauty.com does not process sensitive data


6. Situations in which www.aboutbeauty.com collects personal data.


www.aboutbeauty.com collects personal data of its customers or buyers and users About Beauty SRL Processes your personal data in trade and marketing activities, in commercial activities, in the following situations:

- Sale of goods or services

- Online marketing activities.

- Contracts or documents that precede and accompany the sale.

-           Fiscal bills

- Transactional emails. Emails through which we send you information about your order.

- The relationship with the courier companies we work with. About Beauty SRL transmits the data provided by you to the courier company, respecting the conditions of confidentiality and data protection, and transmitting only those information that are strictly necessary for the operational activity - name, address, telephone number.

- For marketing purposes, with the partners we work with: Google, Facebook and other online promotion networks, based on the terms and conditions of these platforms. The transmission of data to these service providers is done only with your consent and for marketing purposes, being transmitted automatically, through pseudonymization and encryption. These issues will be dealt with automatically in point 7.


Your personal data is provided directly and freely, as buyers and customers of www.aboutbeauty.com.


7. Automatic profiling and automation processes


www.aboutbeauty.com may automatically process your data. This type of processing is done automatically and can represent, but is not limited to:

An analysis of your consumption characteristics and behavior

A prediction about your future behavior

It is done only by computer means, without the intervention of the human factor

It can be considered a profiling, but a fully automated one

Your personal data is used to make decisions about your future store experience or current experience. This is done based on automatic decisions that make your automated profiling, through a computer

The basis on which we make this profiling is that if a user accesses a product or a section of www.aboutbeauty.com, then he is interested in that product or a section, and we, through a fully automatic process, will come in help with personalized content, based on the analysis I mentioned above.

These decisions do not impact your rights as a person or your legal status. These types of fully automatic actions do not have a significant impact on your behavior and choices, their purpose being to help you in the buying process, facilitating as much as possible and eliminating blockages in the ordering process.

The legal basis for data processing in this fully automatic profiling process is justified by our legitimate interest in carrying out our activity in optimal parameters or by the legitimate interest of a third party, such as Google or Facebook, which will deliver that information to you. more relevant when you carry out a search process or express your intention to buy a certain type of product.

Only insensitive personal data is processed in automated decision making and automatic profiling.


8. Storing your personal data


Your personal data is not stored for a longer period than that which justifies our legal and economic activity. We do not store your personal data without a real basis or need to use them. Only those data are stored that are indispensable in carrying out our economic activity and to honor our commitment in relation to you.

Periodically, we analyze the stored data to identify if their purpose is current. If the purpose of storing this data is not justified, they are deleted.

We also delete your personal data when you send us this request, except for those data whose provision and processing is required by a certain legal provision, where we will apply the term provided by law, for example, in the case of invoices, data storage it is mandatory for a period of 5 years


9. Disclosure of personal data


Your data is disclosed to certain third parties, partners with whose help we carry out our activity: ex. the courier companies we work with. This is done based on your consent.

The partners to whom we disclose your personal data are:

Fan Courier - courier services

Smartbill - Accounting service

If your data will be disclosed, at the request of another recipient, then you will be notified of the time of disclosure of the data, as well as the identity of the person to whom this disclosure is made.


10. Transfer of personal data outside the EU


Your personal data is not transferred outside the EU.


11. Security of your personal data


www.aboutbeauty.com has taken all the measures at its disposal to achieve a proper security of your personal data, through the following actions:

- Adequate technical equipment

- SSL certificate and data security algorithms within the platform www.aboutbeauty.com

- Organizational and procedural measures specially created for this purpose limiting unauthorized and illegal processing

- Prevention of accidental or illegal loss.

- Prevention of accidental or illegal destruction.

For this purpose we have implemented the following measures:

11.1. Security breach analysis

11.2. Documentation of security incidents

11.3. Identifying personal data that is incidentally impacted by Security

11.4. Actions necessary to remedy the security incident.

11.5. Limiting the consequences of Security incidents

11.6. Recovery of personal data

11.7. Return to the initial state of normalcy of personal data.

If a security accident or data loss is identified, it is immediately reported to the management of our company. At the same time, our personal data protection officer will identify if this incident has adverse effects on you and, if necessary, will inform the relevant staff in your organization or you. At the same time, we will analyze the need of the Supervisory Authority in connection with this incident.

At the same time, our DPO will take all measures to limit:

- accidental or illegal destruction of personal data,

- accidental or illegal loss of control over personal data

- access to personal data by unauthorized persons

- accidental or illegal modification of your data

- unauthorized transmission of personal data

Your information in case of a computer breach will be made:

- if this unforeseen event is significant and has consequences for your security or integrity, physical or legal

- in a time frame as fast as possible.


We are not obligated to notify you following an event or incident that affected your personal data if:

- we have taken all measures to encrypt and secure your data, so that it is impossible for any third party to our organization to access them.

- There is no risk for you after the event.


12. Your rights


As a user of www.aboutbeauty.com you have the following rights:

The right of access and information.

You have the right to be informed at any time if we use and process your personal data.

You have the right to be provided with confirmation that your data is processed by us, if this happens, under the following conditions: the requested data includes only the data concerning you.

You have the right to have access to your personal data if you request it from us and if we process this data for you.

You have the right to receive a copy or archive of your personal data if you request it from us and, following confirmation that we process your data, you also request a copy of it.

You have the right to modify, rectify or update your personal data. And we are obliged to rectify your data if: we process your personal data, they are not complete or accurate and you have requested an update or a correction of them.

You have the right to delete your personal data.

We are obliged to delete your personal data without undue delay, if

- we process your personal data, and

- request the deletion of your personal data, and

- your personal data is not necessary for us in matters that are legally regulated. For example, the data on the invoices cannot be deleted, because these documents must be archived for 5 years

- there is no legal basis for data processing

- we do not have your processing consent or you have withdrawn this consent

- you find that your data is used for purposes you do not want, for example, marketing.

- The processing of your data is illegal

You have the right to obtain restrictions on the processing of your personal data, if: the data are not anonymous, include only information about you or include other data that may be clearly linked to you.

We are obliged to restrict the processing of your data if:

- you ask us this

- we do not need your data in relations with third parties

- request data for a legal complaint or criminal complaint

- object that your data are necessary in order to perform the activity www.aboutbeauty.com, ie there is no legitimate basis for their processing

We are obliged to notify you about the restriction of the processing of your personal data.

Following the restriction of your personal data, we have the right to

- their storage

- Processing them, based on your consent

- Their processing in order to make a legal complaint

- Their processing in order to make a criminal complaint

- Processing them in the public interest of the EU or a Member State



If you obtain a restriction on the processing of your personal data, we must inform you before lifting the restriction.

If your data is processed for digital marketing or other marketing purposes, you have the right to object to the processing of your data for this purpose, if the data processing includes personal data concerning you and includes pseudonyms or other data associations that can be clearly linked to you.

Following your objection, we are obliged not to process your data in this regard.

The communication regarding the exercise of your right in connection with the processing of personal data is made in writing, to us, at the contact address office@aboutbeauty.com.

For your identification, you need to send us a valid identity card, ID, driver's license or passport, which contains: identification number, country, validity period, full name, address, date of birth.

These elements aim to identify you as the initiator of the request and the owner of the personal data we process. Any elements other than these can be hidden.

We will not accept other means of securing your identity.

To make the request, you need to have a valid email address.

After sending the request, you will be answered on the email address from which the email was sent to us.

You will be informed by the person we have designated responsible for the protection and management of your personal data, ensuring that your request is analyzed and resolved.

The response time for resolving a request regarding your rights in relation to your personal data is 14 days.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority based on your domicile, provided that it is in the EU or in the place where your personal data has been abused.

The supervisory authority to which you have submitted the complaint will inform you about the settlement of the complaint.

You have the right to initiate legal proceedings in the EU and the EEA against a personal data controller, an intermediary or an authority within the EU.

Any changes to the privacy policy will be announced.

Earlier versions of the privacy policy are not made available to the public and cannot be accessed.

For express requests, you can contact us at office@aboutbeauty.com


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